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Gasoline pump

Diesel pump

Electric centrifugal pump


    The company islocated in the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province-China's comprehensive reform of urban towm;by United Nations Development Programme classified as"sustainable development og China Town";China pump town-Town,Wenling City.Location;transport facilities,close to Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway Dasi exit.104national highway,20 km from the airport of Taizhou,Haimen Lane 30 km.

    The company specializes in manufacturing,"Xu Guang"brand pumps,the company has a factory building area of 20,000 square feet,more than 300 employees,casting, finshing,sales integration services;strong technical force,advanced equopment,quality standard,the annual Pump more than 20 million units produced.Varieties pump,pump,hand pump,high pressure spray pump gear clutch,centrifugal high-pressure pump mist spray works,irrigation pump,drip irrigation pumps,to enhance the pump,hand pressure centrifugal pumps,D/DG-type multi-stage pumps,IS centrifugal pump,SG-type pipline pump,self priming pump defecation,mixed flow pumps,sewage mud,sand pump suction eighteen majoy series,more than one hundred specifications,can be equipped with diesel engines of 2 to 100 Horsepower,can be equipped with motor 1.1kw-200kw,1-20 inch pipe diameter,flow rate of up to 10-1480 tons,with a totallift 7-200 meters.Specialty products including two-wheel hand pump,suction,head high,can effectively solve the deep fear for pumping difficult.Another also uses dual-channel pump mechanical seal,which can extend the pump life."Xuguang"pump sold more than twenty provinces,municipalities and autonomous regions,and export Southeast,has won the trust of customers home and abroad,in the fierce market competition and enjoy high reputation.

    "Xuguang"upholds"character manufacturing quality,"the production of ideas,and always the"fine quality,excellent service,good reputation"an a corporate approach to development,and will continue to create better products to meet the needs of users,so that enterprises Rapid development and expansion,wo sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us!

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